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Kunstraum Düsseldorf-Anagrams
polymer paint
typeface: Gill Sans Bold


The work is composed of anagramatic variations created from the name of the exhibition space. Ten phrases composed by transpositions of nineteen letters are set alternately on the concrete ceilling joists. The typeface used refers to the logo of Kunstraum Düsseldorf.

Five TongueTwisters
typeface: Sheldon


The rhythmicity of word plays is based on alliterations and symmetric relations.

noch nicht mehr (not yet anymore)
perforated wall
typeface: Aeterna


Countless drill holes create a cloud of past presence and they let three words: „noch nicht mehr“ appear. It took many days to drill thousands of „jiffys“. Time can be experienced as the accumulation of traces of now-moments.

Fehlende Fehler (Missing Mistakes)
partly removed wall paint
typeface: Blanco Neg


work from the series Trivia

Two Janus-Anagrams
volatile binder
typeface: Intellecta Romana Humanistica


Two latin phrases and their anagrams visualize different aspects of the phenomenon of transformation. On a linguistic level by means of the shift into German/English, on a spacial level through the walking distance between both sides of the wall, on a temporal level by the duration of the perception and the chemical property of the used substance, sublimating and disappearing completely after a few days.

Nu (A Jiffy) 2014


Kunstraum Düsseldorf

Five typographic works as examples of artist’s play on words.
They meander between sense and nonsense, gravity and levity.