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Titel (Titles) 2005

Galerie Thomas Flor, Düsseldorf, Germany
partly removed wall paper and carpet
typeface: Nerdinger & Beck Grotesque


The Galerie Thomas Flor was located in the former rooms of Galerie Wilhelm Körs, selling artworks of Düsseldorfer Malerschule (Düsseldorf School of Painting) from the 19th Century. The work refers to eight titles of paintings from this era.


Der vom Blitz erschlagene Schäfer
(The Shepherd Killed by the Lightning)


Amazonen auf der Wolfsjagd
(Amazons go Wolf Hunting)


Fast fertig
(Almost Ready)


Bildnis einer Unbekannten
(Effigy of the Unknown Woman)


Der Witwe Trost
(The Widow’s Consolation)




Der Unkrautsäer
(The Sower of Weeds)


Faun von Hunden verfolgt
(Faun Hunted by Dogs




17. Februar 2020